About Gin

Born and raised in the heart of Silicon Valley, Gin is quite familiar with the daily stresses of responsibilities, sitting too much and just plain life! We've grown up, and have forgotten how to PLAY! Join her  at one of 3 locations and get Fit With Gin! She makes exercise creative and FUN!

Gin’s competitive athletic and academic years have kept her close to home. A graduate from San Francisco State in Kinesiology, concentrations in Exercise Science and Biomechanics naturally complement her diverse hobbies. Her ongoing continuing education have led to a very fulfilling career in fitness and wellness for almost 20 years.

Beginning her journey in 1999, Gin was a Physical Therapist Aid at both the Presidio Sport & Medicine and Catholic Healthcare West at Pacific Bell Park in San Francisco.  Early on did Gin learn the importance of a balanced body, injury prevention and functional training. This naturally led to the transition of becoming a Certified Exercise Physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine, and a Certified Pre/Post Natal Fitness Instructor through the American Council on Exercise.

In these last 20 years, Gin has worked with a broad range of clients coaching and consulting in fitness and nutrition.   Many of these include Moms, the Elderly, Clients with risk factors such as High BP/Cholesterol, Parkinson's, MS, and Diabetes.  Silicon Valley's CEO's, Local Celebrities and a large variety of Youth, High School and College Athletes have also trained under Gin.

Her fascination with anatomy and the kinesthetics of the human body has continued to drive her yearn for education and passing on her education to her clients.

Gin enjoys backpacking with her husband and spending time on their ranch with her two children, and dogs.

Let's Begin our Fitness Journey...